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                                             Teacher: LOREN CHIN

Loren Chin is a professional award-winning artist graduated from the Northern Illinois University, United States, in Arts and Design.  He brought a wealth of unique, diverse working experience as an Art Director, Graphic Designer, and freelance commercial Artist, to deliver exceptional quality and services in art teaching.  He had earned several awards including the Gold Medal National Award for Achievement in Art (Transparent Water Color); and the Addy Merit Award in Chicago Region.  Loren had more than 20 years experience as an Art Director and Graphic Designer at various advertising and publishing companies including the Haddon Advertising in Chicago, the Jack Lawlor Advertising in Pasadena, and the Chinese Christian Mission in Petaluma, to produce high quality publications and multi-media projects.  Loren was invited to serve as a Judge at various children art contests in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He was also invited to have his artworks exhibited at various events and functions.  Loren as a child had a deep love and respect for art.  From his early youth, drawing and painting filled his days.  As an adolescent, he followed various art masters in Hong Kong and the United States.  In high school, he exhibited his work, won painting awards, and had become a master himself in the arts.  Loren has a great admiration for techniques and creativity.  What he looks for in his students is not a great wealth of ability, but a student with discipline and a willingness to learn.  He always encourages his students to extend their study of art beyond the confines of a class setting.  He teaches his students with a balance of technique and openness.  Students love him for his warm fun personality.  Loren is fluent in English and Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin).  Here are a few of his artworks:

                                                  Teacher: PAT CHIN

Pat Chin (Loren's wife), graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, is an award-winning artist and art teacher.  In addition to her experience in teaching art, Pat had more than 10 years experience working in the field of child care education as a Child Care Specialist, Program Coordinator and Counselor at various organizations including the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Children's Council of San Francisco, and City College of San Francisco.  Her working experience in child care education combined with her study and knowledge in fine art allow her to teach art successfully, especially to children.  Pat has been a member of the National Art Education Association.  She earned the Excellent Award in Still Life Drawing from the Daly City Art Guild in 2007 and her artworks were exhibited at the Octagon Gallery in the City Hall of Daly City.  She actively attends conferences, seminars and hands-on workshops pertaining to new teaching methods, incorporating art techniques in the classroom and updating the art curriculum.  She volunteered as an art teacher at various art programs for underprivileged children and youth with community organizations including the deYoung Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.  Pat as a child had a deep love and passion in art and has developed a broad spectrum of interests in art including painting, drawing, chinese brush painting & calligraphy, clay sculpture, ceramics, flower arrangement, handcrafts, etc.  Pat believes that art is learned disciplines, all you need to do is practice as much as possible. She firmly believes that a proper art instruction must foster creative problem solving skills and originality in self-expression that benefit all aspects of our lives, in school, at work and at home.  Pat has a strong commitment to teaching her students.  She is patience and generous in her teaching style and enjoys creating an atmosphere of collective research through detailed instruction, repetition and practice, as well as discussion and laughter.  Pat is fluent in English and Cantonese. Here are a few of her artworks:

                                             Our Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy entails providing students a formal foundation.  We firmly believes that drawing and painting are learned disciplines.  We believe that drawing should be instructed first by learning the fundamentals.  Good teaching is making the hard stuff easier and making the easy stuff harder.  Art and creative expression involves constant problem-solving and decision-making.  We work with students to become comfortable doing these aspects for and by themselves.  We encourage self-evaluation of work.  When self-confidence is maximized, so too will be creativity.

Some students are impulsive and rush to finish without giving enough attention to important aspects of the work.  We encourage them to develop more complex products.  Other students may be handicapped by being very slow and deliberate.  They may be perfectionists because they are afraid to make a mistake.  We reassure them.  They need to appreciate the learning that comes from mistakes.  We empower them by building their confidence.

It is the creative process that is key, not the result of the process. Incredible results come from being genuinely in the process, rather than anxiously anticipating the end product.  Vital to the desire to create, is the self-confidence each student has about his/her own ability and comprehension of art.  It is of the utmost important to value all experiences during the creative process, both failures and successes.  Most of us need to get more comfortable with mistakes.  It works better to emphasize the things that are working well.  We enthusiastically affirm improvements and successes.  We look for improvement - not perfection.  The willingness to take risks and experience unknowns is essential to develop one's attitude in art making.  

We believe in teaching our students individually rather than in groups so as to take into account personal abilities, skills and interests.  We strictly keep our class size small to emphasize personal attention.  Our goal is to further each student's artistry level and skill, as well as to inspire and awaken students' artisitic passions.   

Art is involved in every aspect of our lives.  It is everywhere we look, in every part of our day.  It is all around us, if we are just willing to look.  Through learning in art, we hope you learn to appreciate not only art, but also our lives and creation!

"Man will begin to recover the moment he takes art as seriously as physics, chemistry or money."  - Ernst Levy 


For enrollment and more information, please call (650)438-5248 or email ourartroom@yahoo.com.