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Class for children age 6 - 18: Classes are year-round and meet once a week.  Each class lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.  

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School will be closed for Summer break and Winter break.  Exact dates will be informed to students.  Class fee will be prorated when school is closed by teachers.             

CLASS FEE:                              

Multi-medium Art Class: $22 per 1.5-hour lesson a week, all art materials are included.  In this class students will learn watercolor painting, oil pastels, color pencils, sketching, charcoal, pen & ink, Chinese brush painting, and more. 

Oil Painting / Acrylic Painting Class: $25 per 1.5-hour lesson a week, all art materials are included.  In this class students will learn oil painting and acrylic painting.

Summer Camp Program: please contact us for more information.

Portfolio Preparation Program: please contact us for more information.

The trial lesson fee for new students is $22 per student.      

Student-grade art materials are included in tuition.  Students who use higher grade art materials will need to bring their own art materials.  Students can purchase art materials from any art supply stores if needed.  Please discuss with teachers about the suggested art materials before purchasing.  For student's convenience, art materials can also be ordered and purchased from Our Art Room upon request. 


Classes are year-round and billed on a per month basis.  Tuition is due by the first lesson of each month.  Tuition payment is necessary to secure space in the class.  New students are eligible for pro-rated monthly fees.

Please do not drop off your child more than 5 minutes early to class and pick them up promptly afterward.  Parents dropping off early and/or arriving late will be charged a fee which is $10 for each 10 minutes past scheduled drop off and/or pick up time.

There will be no refunds for missed classes. Missed classes cannot be deducted from tuition or pro-rated for the next month's tuition.

To be eligible for a make-up class you must give us 24 hours notice of the absence.  Notification less than 24 hours for any reasons (sickness, emergency situations outside of your control, etc) will not be accepted.  Make-up class is subject to availability.  Make-up class could be taken within one month following the missed class date.  Make-up class can be requested once per 4 weeks (when a class is missed and make-up class is requested, any missed class within 4 weeks following the last missed class date will not be made up)Make-up class cannot be rescheduled once spot is reserved. 

When class is cancelled by teachers due to holidays or teacher emergencies, students will be refunded or credited their tuition payment.

The enrollment is not transferable to another individual.

Upon enrollment, your space will be reserved until we receive notice of withdrawal or cancellation.  Please inform us at least two weeks in advance.  Students who do not give proper notification will be responsible for the next two weeks tuition. 

Parents are not allowed to sit in on the classes to avoid distracting students.  You can request to stay a few minutes on the first day of class to make sure your child feels comfortable.

We reserve the right to refuse enrollment to any one when deemed appropriate by any member of the staff.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  Students who do not comply will not be allowed to continue classes.

Contact us at (650) 438-5248 or ourartroom@yahoo.com for enrollment and more information.  Please note that pre-registration is required and no drop-in visit will be accepted without an appointment.